The seed…

Botanical Bath Oil

Thyme & Gardenia Bath Oil

The seed…

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. With the end of summer just around the corner we are delighted to announce the arrival of Nature’s purest gifts to keep us healthy and glowing during the cold winter months…and for the rest of the seasons to follow for years to come.

Presenting;   the finest Botanical Body Products by Sudbury Hill.

We are crafters in the art of botanical skin care.  Priding ourselves, and  mother Nature, on making the most exquisite Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Body Butter, Lotion and Cream, Soaps, Hand washes,  Shampoos and Conditioners.  Our products are made with natural ingredients such us real Plants, Herbs, and Extracts.  There are no artificial colourants added.  The colour our products take on is a completely natural process and there for unique.  These gifts from Nature come in beautiful glass packaging which is 100% recyclable for a more substainable lifestyle.

I can think of no better healing agents than those which might be growing in your garden right now.  Adding, mixing and infusing them all to create remarkable remedies.  Add a few drops of Lemon verbena & Ginger Oil to a warm bath and inhale to relieve sinus congestion.  Feeling depressed?  Add Lavender & Mulberry Oil to lift the spirit.  Thyme & Gardenia Oil added to a warm bath and inhaled relieves coughing and common chest ailments.  Use Rosemary & White tea Bath Oil to rejuvenate the mind and sharpen the memory.

This knowledge of herbs and plants have been passed down from a time of Natural Beauty, and living in an ever increasingly busy world, it might be time to slow down and smell the herbs.  Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and spoiling yourself, and the environment, with botanical products by Sudbury Hill will do wonders for your soul while leaving your skin beautifully scented and naturally healthy.

On a hill top, lies a seed.  Patiently waiting to become a tree…

Botanical extracts

Botanical extracts

Thyme & Gardenia Bath Oil and Rosemary & white tea Bath Salt

Thyme & Gardenia Bath Oil and Rosemary & white tea Bath Salt



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2 responses to “The seed…

  1. mariaan stols

    The Herbalwhisperer……….Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  2. Johann De Waal

    Could not have said it better than Mariaan……WOW WOW WOW!!!

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